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March Madness

March Madness

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In the wake of unforeseen tragedy, basketball star-turned-coach Aicha Patterson finds herself checking off the last item on her list of career goals, head coach at a D1 institution, which also happened to be her alma mater. The job didn’t come without its fair share of adjustments and obstacles, but Aicha managed to lead her team and overcome them all, leading them one step closer to The Big Dance. In the midst of March’s madness, she finds herself face to face with the only regret she’s had on her singleminded quest to achieve her goals.

Chase Carrington knew at first glance that Aicha Patterson was the one for him when they met in undergrad as student athletes and instantly connected. Though Chase was blessed with natural athleticism and abilities that led him to the highest level of playing, his heart was never in it. After ending his career in the pros, he returns to the place where he uncovered his real passion, opening a restaurant that’s part family tribute, part dreams fulfilled.

A fortuitous reconnection brings them back into each other’s orbit and the instant connection between the two picked back up like no time had passed. Chase is certain this is destiny, while Aicha’s a bit more cautious. But in the end both let themselves succumb to the undeniable pull that has brought them back together.

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